Bunker Coats & Pants

Bunker Coats & Pants


Started in 1898 by William Lapedes, today LION is still family owned and managed. Steve Schwartz, CEO and his brother Andy, Corporate Counsel, both great grandsons of William, run the business. William’s grandson Richard Lapedes retired as the CEO in 2003 and from the LION Board of Directors in 2011. His wife Maureen remains an active member of the Audit Committee.

With stable family ownership, LION takes the long-term approach to investment in the best people, new technology, and systems. The result of this commitment gives our global stakeholders confidence in LION’s ability to deliver on the promise in its mission statement: Each and every day, we fulfill the personal readiness and identity needs of our customers worldwide.


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Dragon Fire offers a wide range of products to suit the First Responder’s needs. From extrication gloves to the extreme protection of our structural gloves, Dragon Fire can provide you with the latest in fire protection to keep you safe.

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