742 SERIES CARTRIDGES| Safety Protective Equipment



The 742 series twin cartridges, for use with Scott Safety Half- and Full-facepieces, is available in wide range of NIOSH approved cartridges.


The easy breathing 742 series twin cartridges were developed to provide optimal respiratory protection in non-IDLH industrial or HAZMAT situations.  The low profile, swept back cartridge design ensures optimal field of vision and allows use of communications. The 742 series is available in a full range of NIOSH approved, chemical cartridges or combination cartridges. Attaches directly to XCEL Halfmask and Promask full facepiece. Uses Quarter turn adapter when used with AV Series Facepieces.

  • Use with Scott Safety half-and full-facepieces to streamline inventory and training needs
  • Quarter turn bayonet connection is easy to use
  • Cartridge designed for easy breathing to reduce fatigue
  • PLUS cartridges for extended service life
  • Free Access to Sure Life Cartridge Calculator tool for assistance with cartridge selection and service life estimator.


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