ChemMax 2 Encapsulated SuitChemMax 2 Encapsulated Suit

ChemMax 2 Encapsulated Suit (Level B)

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Style Number C72400

  • Encapsulated Suit (Level B)
  • Rear entry
  • Flat back
  • 48″ zipper


Style Number C72400

ChemMax® 2 offers quality, value, durability and the proven protection of Dow Saranex® 23P barrier film.

ChemMax® 2 is the second level of barrier protection in the new ChemMax® line of products from Lakeland Industries. ChemMax® 2 is a superior and economical chemical protective suit developed using the knowledge and expertise that you have come to expect from Lakeland. The unparalleled strength and softness of ChemMax® 2’ features Dow Saranex® 23P film on two layers of a unique bi-component spunbond nonwoven substrate and provides protection for chemical mixing and handling, environmental clean up, hazardous materials remediation and response, pharmaceutical manufacturing, spray painting and general industry. ChemMax® 2 is useful in protecting against hazardous chemicals and contaminants found in the work place.

  • Encapsulated Suit (Level B)
  • Rear entry
  • Flat back
  • 48″ zipper
  • Storm flap
  • 20 mil PVC faceshield
  • Elastic wrists
  • 1 exhaust port with shroud
  • Air tube inlet
  • Attached sock boots with boot flaps
  • Suit is not gas/vapor tight
  • Case pack: 3


ChemMax® 2 Physical Properties

Physical PropertyTest MethodUnitsChemMax® 2
Basis WeightASTM D3776oz./sy4.3
Grab Tensile MDASTM D5034pounds47
Grab Tensile XDASTM D5034pounds33.9
Trapezoidal Tear MDASTM D5733pounds29.95
Trapezoidal Tear CDASTM D5733pounds12.47
Ball BurstASTM D751pounds48
Surface ResistanceEN1149-1:2006Pass/FailPass



Permeation Data for ASTM Recommended List of Chemicals for Evaluating Protective Clothing Materials (ASTM F1001)

Challenge ChemicalCAS NumberPhysical StateChemMax® 2
Ammonia Gas7664-41-7Gas15
1,3-Butadiene Gas106-99-0Gas>480
Carbon Disulfide75-15-0Liquidimm.
Chlorine Gas7782-50-5Gas>480
Dimethyl Formamide68-12-2Gas18
Ethyl Acetate141-78-6Liquid21
Ethylene Oxide Gas75-21-8Gas24
Hydrogen Chloride Gas7647-01-0Gas>410
Methyl Chloride Gas74-87-3Gas>480
Sodium Hydroxide, 50%1310-73-2Liquid>480
Sulfuric Acid, 98%7664-93-9Liquid>480




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