DOP-200 DualDOP-200 Dual

DOP-200 Dual

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Skimmer and Offloading Pump

The new model of Offloading Pump is called the DOP-200 DUAL. It is based on the internationally proven DOP-160 and DOP-250 DUAL pumps.


Skimmer and Offloading Pump

The new model of Offloading Pump is called the DOP-200 DUAL. It is based on the internationally proven DOP-160 and DOP-250 DUAL pumps.

The lightweight and powerful DOP-200 DUAL offers the pumping performance of the vertical screw design and incorporates new features to improve versatility and ease of maintenance.

The pump can be configured for use in Skimmer Mode with a side (horizontal) discharge. This provides an unobstructed flow into the pump inlet. In Transfer Pump Mode, the discharge can be on the side or end (inline) for maximum operational flexibility.

The DOP-200 DUAL is available with a variety of systems to make the most of the pumps’ capabilities.

The DOP-200 DUAL features a single piece cast pump casing and stainless steel wear plates to protect the plate wheel cover. The new housing design allows the pump Screw and Sealing Ring to be withdrawn from the end of the pump for inspection. The discharge branch location can be changed quickly and easily using hand tools.

Advantages of DOP

  • A new pump that can be configured for skimmer or offloading operations
  • Simple maintenance with easy access to sectional discs and sealing ring
  • Single piece cast pump housing
  • Cutting knife for processing debris
  • High capacity and high discharge pressure
  • Positive displacement vertical screw design
  • Optional annular water injection flange to aid pumping extremely high viscosity oil

Technical data

The DOP-200 DUAL is very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of applications – such as emergency response, offloading, fire fighting or contract cleaning work. It is capable of pumping a wide variety of liquids from water to highly viscous mud and sludge – even when contaminated with trash. It is capable of pumping in excess of 66 cubic metres per hour (290 US gallons per minute). The DOP-200 DUAL provides high performance and compact dimensions. The DOP-200 DUAL is capable of handling solids up to 40 mm / 1½” diameter. A cutting knife is fitted to the leading edge of the screw.


  DOP-200 DUAL
  Dimensions  0.48 x 0.32 x 0.62 m / 19 x 13 x 25 in
  Max. pump rate  66 m3 per hour / 290 US gpm
  Max. discharge pressure  13 bar / 188 psi
  Viscosity range  The DESMI DOP-200 DUAL pump can handle most oil that will flow
  Temperature Range  -15 to +60oC
  Weight  58 kg / 128 lbs
  Minimum manhole dia.  500 mm / 19.7 in
  Pump Inlet  Ø 200 mm / 8 in
  Pump Outlet  4 in flange for bolt on discharge flange
  Discharge connection  4, 5 or 6 in Camlock type or other on request. DIN and ANSI flanges available
  Standard Materials Seawater resistant aluminium casing, high tensile plate wheel, High Alloy Steel Screw.
  Hydraulic Motor  Sauer Danfoss OMTS-160
  Max. hydraulic requirementFlow: 130 L/min.( 34 US gpm)
Pressure: 210 bar (3,050 psi)
  Hydraulic connectionsPressure and return: ¾ in
Drain: 3/8 in
  Hose set 10, 20, 30 or 40m hydraulic and discharge hoses with quick couplings
  Hose reel Optional

Recommended diesel-hydraulic power unit: 42kw



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