Double Male Rocker Lug AdaptersDouble Male Rocker Lug Adapters

H36- Double Male Rocker Lug Threaded Adapters

Ships via freight 3-4 days

NH Male Rocker-Lug


NH Male Rocker-Lug
GHT 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 6
NH Male
1  H36-10NH-GHT H36-10NH-10NH
 1.5  H36-10NH-GHT  H36-10NH-15NH H36-15NH-15NH
2  H36-10NH-GHT  H36-10NH-20NH H36-20NH-15NH  H36-20NH-20NH
 2.5  H36-10NH-GHT  H36-10NH-25NH H36-25NH-15NH  H36-25NH-20NH H36-25NH-25NH
3 H36-30NH-20NH H36-30NH-25NH H36-30NH-30NH
 3.5 H36-35NH-25NH H36-35NH-30NH H36-35NH-35NH
4 H36-40NH-25NH H36-40NH-30NH H36-40NH-35NH H36-40NH-40NH
 4.5 H36-45NH-25NH H36-45NH-30NH H36-45NH-35NH H36-45NH-40NH H36-45NH-45NH
5 H36-50NH-25NH H36-50NH-30NH H36-50NH-35NH H36-50NH-40NH H36-50NH-45NH H36-50NH-50NH
6 H36-60NH-25NH H36-60NH-30NH H36-60NH-35NH H36-60NH-40NH H36-60NH-45NH H36-60NH-50NH H36-60NH-60NH



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