Medium Expansion Foam Nozzle

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Air aspirating stainless steel tube with an expansion ratio of 60:1. Excellent for making a foam blanket over hazardous spills. Includes carrying handle and shut off. Flows 60, 95 and 125 GPM at 100 PSI. The 60 and 95 GPM have a 1.5” connection and the 125 GPM has a 2.5” connection.



  • Ball valve and jet made from aluminium alloy.
  • Conversion screens and pipe made from stainless steel.
  • Protection ring and handle made from rubber.
  • Medium foam nozzles are available with all international couplings as well as without couplings and/or shut-off.

DIN 14493 defines medium foam as a 20 to 200 factor expansion ratio depending on the foam agent used. The high foam coefficient makes it possible to cover areas and flood small rooms quickly., in particular when dealing with class A and B fires.

AWG medium foam nozzles are small and easy to use for mobile application in conjunction with our Z2, Z4 and Z8 inductors.

They fully comply with all the requirements of the DIN standard.

The water/foam agent mixture is sprayed through a jet against two conversion screens, where foam is created by air being sucked in. The excess pressure ahead of the conversion screen turns the droplets first into open bubbles and then into closed bubbles which results in a homogenous foam.

The selection of material and dimensions ensured a high resistance to corosion and allows the nozzle to be compactly stored in wall-mounted hose boxes or appliances.

Medium foam nozzles are provided with pressure gauges as standard. We recommend an operating pressure of 5 bar at the nozzle

Medium Expansion/Medium Foam

 Part Number Description
 HMFN-M2-15NH MFN 60 1.5” NH female swivel with shut-off valve
 HMFN-M2-15NPSH MFN 60 1.5” NPSH female swivel with shut-off valve
 HMFN-M4-25NH MFN 125 2.5” NH female swivel with shut-off valve




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