MicroMax NS Pants

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Style Number CTL301

  • elastic waist


Style Number CTL301

  • elastic waist

Sizes: S – 5X

Case Pack: 50


MicroMax® NS Physical Properties

 Physical Property Test Method Units Test Results
 Basis Weight ASTM D3776 oz./y2 1.55 oz/y2
 Grab Tensile MD ASTM D5034 lbs.2 22.0 lbs.
 Grab Tensile XD ASTM D5034 lbs. 14.0 lbs.
 Trapezoidal Tear MD ASTM D1117 lbs. 9.0 lbs.
 Trapezoidal Tear CD ASTM D1117 lbs. 5.8 lbs.
 Ball Burst ASTM D3787 lbs. 19.0 lbs.
 Air Permeability ASTM D737 cfm 2
 Surface Resistivity EN1149-5:2006 0 Pass



MicroMax® NS ASTM F903 Penetration Data

 Chemical Tested Concentration % Test Time – Minutes Test Results
 Diazinon 100% 60 Pass
 Motor Oil-40 wt. 100% 60 Pass
 Bleach-household 100% 60 Pass
 Isocyanate Based Paint 100% 60 Pass
 Sodium Hydroxide 50% 60 Pass
 Sodium Hyperchlorite 10% 60 Pass
 Blood Challenge Fluid Liter – 3.20 x 108 (PFU/mL) Assay Results PFU/mL <1 Pass




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