Premium Mesh 5 Point Break-away Public Safety Vest

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Style Number V+AM-OSP2GBV

  • Radio pocket with trim
  • 2 mic tabs
  • Open-sided adjustable gro-grain


ANSI 207-2006 is the new American National Standard for High Visibility Vests designed to meet the practical needs for Fire Fighters, Fire, Police, EMS and others engaged in Public Safety Operations. Lakeland’s High Visibility Vests meet and exceed the minimal requirements for this guideline. Sized to fit over operational clothing such as structural fire gear, these garments feature breakaway styling, either 4 point with front zipper closure or 5 point with front hook and loop closure, for ease of entry. Full horizontal and vertical 2” retro-reflective tape mounted on contrasting 3” color background ensures visibility. Public Safety Vests have FR treated mesh and solid polyester. Designed with functionality in mind, adjustable sides are breakaway and provide access to weapons, tools, and radios and, depending on style, contain mic tabs, badge tabs, and radio pockets. Custom identification is available.

While ANSI 207-2006 remains a guideline, new Federal legislation 23CFR634 becomes effective in November 2008. This enforceable standard requires all workers on foot, whose duties place them within the right-ofway for a Federal-aid highway, to wear High Visibility apparel. Included in this definition are “responders to incidents, law enforcement, personnel when directing traffic, investigating crashes, and handling lane closures, obstructed roadways and disasters with the right-ofway.”

Lakeland High Visibility Vests are appropriate for all types of light and weather conditions that help protect Public Safety Employees from the visibility dangers inherent in their work environment.

Style Number V+AM-OSP2GBV

V+AM-OSP2GBV Product Features

  • Radio pocket with trim
  • 2 mic tabs
  • Open-sided adjustable gro-grain
  • Inside pocket
  • Badge tab
  • 29” in length
  • Front hook & loop closure*

*Available with zipper closure – V+AM-OSP2GB

FABRIC: FR Treated polyester mesh






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