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  • 100 – Heavy Weight Oil Only Pads
  • 4 – 5″x 10′ Oil Only Socks
  • 10 – 18″x18″ Oil Only Pillows


Oil only spill kits are used specifically to pick Oil-based liquids with out absorbing any water based liquids.

Identify   Ensure you are using the correct spill kit for the spill. If spill is unknown, follow your established policies.
Notify   Notify the proper personnel, dept. or agencies as per your contingency plan.
Personal Protective     Equipment (PPE)    Don appropriate safety gear prior to addressing spill.
Contain   Use socks, boom or dikes to damn the spill from spreading.
Clean   Use pads, pillows or loose particulates to pick liquids. Place used material in disposal bags.
Disposal   Dispose of spill clean-up per your local, state and federal regulations. Contact your local disposal company for clarification.
Replace   Replace the used contents or kit as soon as possible. You should have at least one in reserve to ensure you have a kit in the ready, as you replace the used material or kit.
Update   Make sure your call list is up to date. You should be able to contact someone in your chain of command or the responsible agency / dept. you are required to call in case of a spill incident.
Review   Review your contingency plan. Was it adequate, clear and helpful in the containment and clean up of the spill. Was the kit adequate for the spill?


  • 100 – Heavy Weight Oil Only Pads
  • 4 – 5″x 10′ Oil Only Socks
  • 10 – 18″x18″ Oil Only Pillows
  • 2 – Pair of Green Nitrile Gloves
  • 2 – Goggle
  • 10 – Disposal Bags and Ties


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