Taratula XL

Ships via freight 1-2 weeks

High capacity offshore skimmer

The DESMI TARANTULA XL is a high capacity offshore skimmer, built to recover oil from both the light to heavy viscosities. It can also operate with a disc or brush bank cassette.


High capacity skimming at an affordable price

The TARANTULA incorporates two DOP-250 pumps which deliver a maximum capacity of 250 m³/h and can develop discharge pressures up to 10 bar while maintaining nearly maximum flow. It is capable of recovering a wide range of oils even with high viscosities. Each pump is fitted with a cutting knife that will handle many types of trash found in oil spills.

The TARANTULA offers high capacity skimming at an affordable price combined with well proven components. It can be supplied with thrusters for remote positioning.

All components are manufactured in marine grade aluminium, stainless steel or polypropylene. It has a single lift point, towing point and hose connections below the waterline. The TARANTULA is also available with DBD, Disc/Brush/Drum skimmer adaptors.

The TARANTULA incorporates the latest design self adjusting weir lip. The level of the weir is controlled by the pumping rate. As the weir floats on the internal contents of the hopper it lowers itself when the hopper is emptied by the pump, thus increasing the skimming depth. The weir is free to follow the wave movements independent of the position of the skimmer body.

Advantages of the TARANTULA: 

  • Affordable high capacity
  • Capable of recovering a wide range of oils
  • Self-adjusting weir
  • Two independently controlled DOP-250 DUAL pumps
  • Cutting knives fitted to pumps for trash handling
  • Thrusters for remote positioning of skimmer
  • Hydraulic knuckle crane matched with power pack
  • Readily available parts
  • Low maintenance
  • The skimmer can also be fitted with disc or brush modules

Technical Data

Nameplate capacity:250 m³ per hour / 1100 US gpm
Inlet weir:Self-adjusting, 1.36 m / 53 in diameter
Operating draught:0.85 m / 33 in
Weight:340 kg / 750 lbs
380 kg / 838 lbs with thrusters
Onboard pumps:2 x DOP-250 DUAL
Max discharge pressure:10 bar / 145 psi
Max solids size:50 mm / 2 in
Pump discharge:6 in
Maximum hydraulic demand:320 litres per min / 84 US gpm
210 bar / 3,045 psi
Power pack:119 kW / 159 hp
Hydraulic hose connections (pumps):2 x 1 in, 1 x 3/8 in drain plus thruster hoses (optional)
Dimensions:2.35 x 2.35 x 1.25 m / 92 x 92 x 49 in




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