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Dynamic oil skimming vessels

DESMI have been building and supplying anti-Pollution Workboats for over 25 years specialising in dynamic oil skimming vessels.


Dynamic oil skimming vessels

DESMI have been building and supplying anti-Pollution Workboats for over 25 years specialising in dynamic oil skimming vessels.

Our continuing programme of development linked with our practice of working with our customers to provide vessels tailor-made to their specific requirements supported by our wide range of general oil pollution products has led to the building of workboats capable of the following duties:

  • Boom deployment
  • Skimmer deployment
  • Dispersant application
  • Fire fighting
  • Oily  water reception
  • Command centre duties
  • Debris recovery
  • Towing duties
  • General workboat duties

Dynamic oil recovery is achieved with the Pollcat and Pollkitten by employing our Zero Relative Velocity (ZRV) oil mop system between their steel hulls. Oil is then recovered without the need for prior containment by simply driving the boats through the slick while operating the system.

Pollcats can be built to Class if required and are suitable for harbour, coastal and offshore duties. The 19 m vessel has a raised wheelhouse to provide better oil vision while releasing even more deck space for equipment. Alternatively accommodation or a workshop can be provided in the space below the bridge deck.

Pollkittens are suitable for harbour, sheltered terminal and inshore duties being designed specifically to handle the “typical” bunkering size of incident where very rapid response is required and there is little or no time for other counter pollution measures.

Pollcraft are steel mono hull pontoon based workboats with a small wheel-house forward designed to provide the maximum free aft working deck area achievable on small harbour and inshore sized boats for operation with equipment of opportunity. In their standard form they are fitted with hydraulic crane to assist in equipment handling and a recovered oil storage tank.

POLLCAT – Anti-pollution workboat

The POLLCAT (pollution catamaran) anti-pollution workboats have been supplied to oil companies and terminals around the world.

The vessel is based on a robust steel catamaran hull, into which an Oil Mop system is built. This enables the POLLCAT to recover oil by simply driving through the slick.

Recovered oil storage, hydraulic power, a clear deck with hydraulic crane make a most versatile tool for many port and terminal operations.

The Oil Mop system can be complemented with skimmers operated from the deck such as the TERMINATOR.

Each POLLCAT is custom made according to operator requirements.

Two POLLCATS were used extensively during a three week, 24 hour operation in the “Sea Empress” spill in the United Kingdom with great success!

The Oil Mop system is contained almost completely under deck, allowing the craft to be used for other functions on a daily basis.

Advantages of POLLCAT:

  • 15.5 & 19 m version
  • Versatile workboats with highly capable oil spill recovery system
  • Clear aft deck
  • Optional raised wheelhouse
  • Twin engines
  • Hydraulic knuckle crane
  • Recovered oil storage tanks
  • Custom designs
  • Stable work platform
 15.5 m POLLCAT 19 m POLLCAT
 Material Steel Steel
 Hull Type Catamaran Catamaran
 Length 15.5 m / 50ft 19 m / 62ft
 Depth 2.15 m / 7.0ft 2.5 m / 8.2ft
 Beam Moulded 5.4 m / 18ft 6m / 20ft
 Draught light 0.80 m / 3ft approx 1.2 m / 4ft approx
 Draught loaded 1.30 m / 4.24ft approx 1.9 m / 6.5ft approx
 Speed light: 9.0 knots 9.0 knots
 Oil Recovery speed: Up to 6 knots Up to 6 knots
 Oil Recovery rate Up to 50 m³ hr / 330 UK gpm Up to 50 m³ hr / 330 UK gpm
 Pumping Capacity 90m³ hr / 396 US gpm 90 m³ hr / 396 US gpm
 Main engines 2 x 170 hp diesels 2 x 170 hp diesels
 Fuel tanks capacity 1,800 litres / 474 US gallons 4,000 litres / 1.056 US gallons
 Cruising range 200 nautical miles 500 nautical miles
 Recovered oil storage capacity Up to 50 m³ hr / 396 US gpm Up to 50 m³ hr / 396 US gpm
 Crane 600 kg at 7.0m / 1,322 lbs at 23 ft 600 kg at 7.0m / 1,322 lbs at 23 ft
 Working deck 52 m² / 560ft² 68 m² / 732ft²


POLLCRAFT – Multipurpose clean-up craft

The POLLCRAFT are versatile 10 and 12m pollution workboats that are designed to undertake a wide range of cleanup duties in the port or terminal.

This stable and manoeuvrable working platform is fitted with a hydraulic knuckle crane and a wheelhouse mounted forward.

This vessel is capable of a range of duties including – oil containment boom deployment, oil skimming, debris collection and high pressure hot water cleaning.

A ballast tank system is provided to trim the craft under different operating conditions.

Additionally the POLLCRAFT is suitable for a wide range of general work boat duties made possible by the clear deck area aft in excess of 20m2 and a carrying capacity up to 5000 kg / 11,000 lbs.

Advantages of POLLCRAFT:

  • Versatile work platform fitted with hydraulic knuckle crane and liquid storage tanks
  • Oil skimming
  • Boom deployment
  • Sea wall cleaning
  • Debris collection
  • Transport of fluids
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Twin engines
  • Steel construction
 Material Steel Steel
 Hull Type Mono hull Mono hull
 Length 10m / 33ft 12m / 39ft
 Depth 1.7m / 5.5ft 1.7m / 5.5ft
 Beam Moulded 3.8m / 12.5ft 5.5m / 17.8ft
 Draught light 0.9 m / 3.0 ft approx. 0.9 m / 3.0 ft approx.
 Draught loaded 1.1 m / 3.6 m approx. 1.1 m / 3.6 m approx.
 Speed light: 6.0 knots 9.0 knots
 Oil Recovery speed: Depends on skimmer Depends on skimmer
 Oil Recovery rate Depends on skimmer Depends on skimmer
 Pumping Capacity 30m³ hr / 132 US gpm 30 m³ hr / 132 US gpm
 Main engines 2 x 61 hp diesels 2 x 185 hp diesels
 Fuel tanks capacity 800 litres / 212 US gallons 700 litres / 185 US gallons
 Cruising range 350 nautical miles 100 nautical miles
 Recovered oil storage capacity 10m³ / 1,321 US gallons 10m³ / 1,321 US gallons
 Crane Hydraulic knuckle type adapted to operate debris collector system. 270 degree slewing
– maximum lift 380kg / 838 lbs at 3m / 10ft.
 Hydraulic knuckle, 360 degree slewing – maximum lift 750kg / 1650 lbs at 6.96m / 22ft
 Working deck 26m²/ 280ft² 40m² / 430ft²


POLLKITTEN – Dynamic oil skimmer vessel

The POLLKITTEN is a versatile dynamic oil skimmer vessel ideally suited for sheltered terminal and harbour operations.

This vessel is ready to go into action at a moments notice; oil recovery can begin immediately by simply driving the boat over the oil slick! The integrated rope mops are lowered into the water and will start recovering oil once circulating – at rates up to 30 cubic metres per hour / 132 US gpm. Recovery rate will depend on slick thickness and oil type.

Oil can be recovered while the POLLKITTEN is stationary or moving ahead at 4 knots, and stored on board until ready for transfer. This steel craft is equipped with onboard diesel hydraulic power pack and oil transfer pump.

Designed by DESMI Ro-Clean the POLLKITTEN follows a long line of oil skimming vessels produced over the last 20 years for oil terminals, harbours and navies around the world. Her sister vessels (POLLCAT and POLLCRAFT) are available in versions from 10 m through to 19 m for complete versatility of usage. Propulsion is by two 40 hp inboard diesel engines providing excellent manoeuvrability and speed in excess of 6 knots.

Advantages of POLLKITTEN:

  • Dynamic oil skimmer vessel
  • Onboard recovered oil storage
  • Integrated rope mop system that can recover oil at 4 knots
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Recovered oil pump
  • Fully enclosed wheelhouse
  • Twin engine
  • Shallow draught
  • 80 mile range
  • The POLLKITTEN is a versatile dynamic oil skimming vessel ideally suited for sheltered terminal and harbour operations and is available in 10.5 and 13 m versions
 Material Steel Steel
 Hull Type Catamaran Catamaran
 Length 10.5 m / 34 ft 13 m / 42.5 ft
 Depth 1.7 m / 5.5 ft 1.7 m / 5.5 ft
 Beam Moulded 3.5 m / 11 ft 4.5 m / 14.7 ft
 Draught light 0.89 m / 3 ft approx. 0.85 m / 3 ft approx
 Draught loaded 1.15 m / 3.9 ft approx 1.0 m / 3.3 ft approx
 Speed light: 6.0 knots 7.0 knots
 Oil Recovery speed: Up to 4 knots Up to 4 knots
 Oil Recovery rate Up to 20 m3 hr / 132 UK gpm Up to 20 m3 hr / 132 UK gpm
 Pumping Capacity 30 m³ hr / 132 US gpm 30 m³ hr / 132 US gpm
 Main engines 2 x 40 hp diesels 2 x 81 hp diesels
 Fuel tanks capacity 200 litres/ 53 US gallons 400 litres / 106 US gallons
 Cruising range 80 nautical miles 80 nautical miles
 Recovered oil storage capacity 20 m³ hr / 159 US gpm 20 m³ hr / 159 US gpm
 Crane N/W Non standard61.40 tonnes at 1.80 metres,
0.70 tonnes at 3.40 mtres,
0.40 tonnes at 5.60 metres
 Working deck 22 m² / 237ft² 37 m² / 398ft²




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